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Caring for your feet so you can explore the world around you!

Feet Sense is your local and friendly Podiatry Clinic at 2 Locations:

  • Masters House - RA Offices - just Opposite Harrow Civic Centre.

  • The Loomrose Pharmacy - Northwood


At Feet Sense our goal is to inform and make you aware of your condition and to provide the highest level of care to all our patients. We trust the information on our website will help you understand your feet' conditions better.

Deepa Patel, the leading podiatrist at Feet Sense qualified from London Foot Hospital in 2002. She is a member of The Royal College of Podiatry, is regulated by the Health & Care Professional Council, and has a vast amount of experience from working in NHS and a number of Private Clinics around London.

About Us

Common Conditions

We offer a range of treatments for common conditions affecting feet. 

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Common skin conditions that affect feet are corns, callous, verrucae & athletes' foot. 

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Common heel conditions that affect the feet are heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis) & heel fissures.

Professional Podiatrist using electric drill. Patient on medical podiatry procedure

Common nail conditions that affect the feet are nail fungus, ingrowing nails & thick nails.

Our Services


Years of Experience


Happy  Clients


Clinic Locations


Deepa Patel
Deepa Patel


Deepa Patel on Zee Companion Show as a guest Podiatrist advising the show callers with their feet conditions.

Your Podiatrist


“Sorted all my issues verrucas , ingrown tonail very well and fast.”

Alexander M

“Painful ingrowing toenails and other foot issues were dealt with quickly and without discomfort.”

James McRae

“Very good at diagnosing the problem and sorting it out quickly!”

Shuchi Menon

Happy Clients


Caring for your feet so you can explore the world around you!

Our Address

Masters House - RA Offices

Opp. Harrow Civic Centre, 

1 Marlborough Hill, Harrow, HA1 1UX

Tel: 07754193907


Call for Appointment / Home visit


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Our Address

Loomrose Pharmacy

24 Main Ave, Moor Park,

Northwood HA6 2HJ

Tel: 01923 827577


Call for Appointment / Home visit


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